20 Tips to make iOS work better for you


Having iOS as your phone’s operating system is perhaps one of the most amazing experiences you can have in your life especially if you’re a fan of iPhones and other Apple gadgets. Its exclusivity sets you apart from the rest of smartphone users but that’s just an icing on the cake. IOS offers everything you can ever dream of in a phone with its feature-packed system that makes day to day living a breeze.

Indeed iOS seems to have the best of everything but if you’re new to iOS7 then check out these tips to help you make the most out of your operating system.

1. Play teacher to Siri – we all love this genius personal assistant but we’ll love her even more if she can pronounce the names correctly. With iOS7 you can now play teacher to Siri and let her know how to pronounce complicated contact names.

2. Burst your shot – by holding down the shutter button or the volume button you can take multiple photos super-fast.

3. Hide notifications – some notifications rather come at a wrong time but iOS7 helps you hide it easily by swiping up your screen.

4. Make it bold – having difficulties in reading? Then head to settings, accessibility menu and activate or choose “Bold Text”.

5. Stop the motion – it might be nice to see your icons, wallpapers and labels float or shift as you move but if too much motion gets you dizzy you can easily access the Reduce Motion and see your home screen more still.

6. Automatic Updates – gone are the days when you need to manually update your apps since iOS7 offers automatic updating of your apps if you so prefer. Of course you can turn if off if you’re not in a Wi-Fi zone to avoid incurring data cost.

7. Make it greet you happy birthday – let your phone know your date of birth and receive a genuine greeting when your birthday comes. Give a little more personal information and receive more relevant notifications.

8. Access tweets easily – no need to open a separate twitter app, by just clicking the ‘@’ symbol inside Safari’s Bookmarks you can easily see the twitter feed from your friends and love ones.

9. Clean-up good – Tidy up your screen more as iOS7 gives you extra chance to clean your home screen by lifting the limit on the apps that can be placed on a folder.

10. Smart search with Siri – your virtual PA gets even more capable with iOS7 as it provides smarter search result from Bing on anything you can think of to ask. Use natural language in asking and search for anything under the sun.

11. Block a number easily – block unwanted caller or message sender and free yourself from the stress of having to deal with spammers. To do this just go to the number you wish to block, tap the information circle and choose ‘block this caller’.

12. Swipe to Go Back – another cool feature of iOS7 is the ability to go back to your previous screen by just swiping your phone from left edge to right.

13.  Stop the Ad – advertisement can be annoying especially if you are doing something important on your phone, good thing iOS7 has now the option to turn off ad tracking in an instant by going to the Privacy option on your device.

14. Let Siri read your emails – too tired to read your mails one by one? Then let Siri do the job. While holding the home button say “read my emails” and listen as Siri read aloud your email easily.

15. Autofill web forms – no need to type personal information every now and then as Safari can easily fill any form in the web automatically. This feature really saves time and energy.

16. Timestamp your messages – want to know when exactly a message was received? Just swipe the bubble to the left and easily see the date and time it was received.

17. Put Newstand in a folder – previous OS versions do not offer this feature but thanks to iOS7 you can now easily put Newstand in a folder.

18. Track your whereabouts – if you don’t mind your frequent locations to be tracked then you’ll love this location services especially since it can make maps and notifications more accurate and personalize for you.

19. Check if it’s flat – within the compass lays another cool app that’s pretty handy in telling you whether the surface is flat or not.

20. Sounds and more of it – Apple’s regular update on the library of sound allow anyone to experience new sound patterns to make their phone even more unique.

Indeed there more features on your iOS7 than you can imagine so check out, discover and never be afraid to try new feature to make your phone a little more personalized.


Bogdan Shumei