Ableton live 9
The new features in Ableton live 9 the unique display session
which makes improvising new music ideas,

The new session display your arrangement tracks which you can
easily drag and copy clips individually.

The automation comes with, making it way easier to move clips
around and arranging them the way you want to.

With the new browser now you can find the sound clips you are looking
for much faster than the previous Ableton Live versions, and the good
thing is you can preview all audio clips instantly without opening any
3rd party software.

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Ableton live 9

With the new redesigned studio effects you have more control and more
time to get around at what effect you want to play with

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Another great feature in Live Nine, tools for converting audio to midi
which gives you incredible flexibility to have music ideas from your own samples.


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The powerful midi note workflow and tools improving how you edit and
create new musical ideas faster and better.



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Ableton Live 9 now includes Max in the Live Suite, which give you more
room to expand and extend your musical ideas


[styled_box title=”Release Date” class=””]Ableton Live 9 Release Dates are in mid February 2013,[/styled_box] Rumored


Ableton prices

[styled_box title=”Live 9 Suite” class=”sb_blue”]

Live 9 Suite

All features

9 Instruments

40 Effects

3000+ Sounds (50GB)

Max for Live

USD 749





[styled_box title=”Live 9 Standard” class=”sb_blue”]

The full features plus extras

All features

3 Instruments

37 Effects

1100+ Sounds (11GB)

USD 449




[styled_box title=”Live 9 Intro” class=”sb_blue”]

The essentials at a great price

Some feature limitations

3 Instruments

26 Effects

700+ Sounds (4GB)

USD 99






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