Amazing Falling Pictures by Skarbakka How Did He Do This

This amazing self falling portraits are interesting , but the question here is how was this created as this are self falling portraits. This amazing person still lives after falling of the building of the shower, off the leader and the amazing one off the bridge.

This person does this himself also takes the pictures of himself doing this cool stunts.

You might ask how does he do this, these photo series are called The Struggle to Right Oneself , this pictures are not photoshoped they are all real.

The thing he does is fall for real he tries to eep his falls under 7 feet, most of the time he tries to do this without any ropes only when needed he uses a harness to prevent him from killing himself.

This is the work of Skarbakka’s

Would you do this for a picture

Here  are some pictures:

original (2)

original (3)



original (1)

To find more Pictures like this google Skarbakka work This guy is amazing at what he does




source: gizmodo