There are many Automatic Pet Feeder’s out there what sets the Balimo Automatic Pet Feeder apart from other pet feeders out there is the way its able to bring you and your pet a little closer when you away from each other.

Balimo Smart Pet Feeder for Cats and Dogs (affiliate)🛒: 

With Personalized Portions you are able to set and go and no need to worry about feeding your pet which is awesome just need to keep in mind when food runs out 🙂 Note this doesn’t work with Wet food only dry food forgot to mention that on the video !!!

Some of the Features the Balimo offers are: Balimo automatic pet feeder with timer which you are able to set a schedule or lets say you want to feed your pet at any time from anywhere you have that option as well with two way audio you are able to hear your pet and your pet is able to hear you back.

I have been looking at the petsmart automatic cat feeder but there isn’t much choices when it comes to finding a smart pet feeder with camera with a camera which you can use pet feeder that works with google home or alexa controlled pet feeder.

When it comes to choosing the best automatic pet feeder there so many out there, but if you are looking for the features this Smart Pet Feeder offers which all the features work fine as you saw on the video.

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