Brookstone Rover 2.0 App-controlled Spy Tank For Those Who Like To Watch

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Brookstone Rover 2.0 App-controlled Spy Tank for Those Who Like to Watch


Are you a curious person? Do you want to know what is going on in the room next door? Do you feel a need to spy on your kids or husband? Then Brookstone has what you need. The Rover 2.0 spy tank is the perfect iPhone controlled device for those who want to remain connected in a ‘secret’ sort of way.


The Rover 2.0 is a ten inch robotic tank controlled by your iPhone after you have downloaded the requisite app. Not only is it controllable by your phone, but it has its own Wi-Fi signal. Therefore, without needing your home network and without asking your friend for their Wi-Fi password, you can access the Wi-Fi network generated by the Rover 2.0. Send the Rover 2.0 into the next room to listen to conversations and snap pictures and, without being able to see the Rover, you can still control its movements by viewing the streaming video on your iPhone or iPad. The range of its wireless network is 200 feet or 100 feet if walls are in the way.

Another amazing feature of the Rover 2.0 is its night vision. See things in the dark or activate the powerful headlights in order to take more detailed pictures or video. The pictures and video can be streamed live to your iOS device. They can also be sent to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube from the app.


Scare your family! Yes, you can drive the Rover 2.0 quietly into range of family members who are talking intently and have the Rover 2.0 speak. With its built-in speaker/microphone, you can communicate with your children or husband using this glorified intercom feature without even being in the same room with them or without using your phone minutes.


Unfortunately there is a little bit of a delay between seeing the image on your iPhone and what is happening in real life. For this reason, your Rover 2.0 may keep bumping into things until you get the hang of controlling it via your iPhone. With that said, it is 25% faster than the previous version of the Rover, so the developers are certainly improving on the existing platform.


This robot can be fun (or useful) for the entire family. From Brady Bunch-like spying on your siblings to parental supervision (aka spying on your kids), this robot can be used to keep track of comings and goings in the household. But as a communication device it can also be great to have in the home if you do not have a house-wide intercom system. Imagine Rover 2.0 roaming around the house calling everyone to dinner or reminding the kids to practice their instruments or do their homework. Rover 2.0 can be used in many ways to irritate, embarrass or connect with the other members of your household.


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