If you haven’t yet crafted a social media presence and campaign for your drop shipping business or ecommerce site, you are missing out on a chance to interact with your customer base and potential customers. Establishing a social media presence on some of the major networks serves various purposes like allowing you to effectively communicate about new products and to announce incentives or other important news regarding your business. Take time to construct your social marketing strategy using the following tips.

Consider a Focus

Once you establish your social media presence or profile and begin to build a following, you’ll want to consider a focus or two. How do you want social media to help your business? Will you use these networks to market products or to interact with customers about their experiences and build loyalty? Each different focus is going to require slightly different approaches when it comes to marketing. Focus-based marketing is likely to prove an effective strategy for your drop ship business and its social initiatives (Source: https://www.doba.com/hot-products/).

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Getting Better Acquainted with Your Audience

Posting a product, by way of advertising, each day on Facebook and hoping to increase its sales isn’t necessarily the best use of social media. Of course, it might be if you have gotten to know your audience well and are choosing the products most likely to resonate with them. Yet is a simple product picture and shore description enough? Consider how to engage your followers with the products. Invite comments and interact with people by communicating with them. Ask them what new product lines they’d like to see and invite them to read your blog or sign up on the mailing list for coupons. The better you get to know your social media network, the better you can appeal to them.

Measure the Results

Once you launch your social media campaign, you will want to pay close attention to how much traffic these networks send to your website. Assess the metrics and take care to note what types of posts garner the most attention from customers. Pay attention to your sales as well; do featured products increase in sales as you hoped? For some entrepreneurs, the social media sites are immensely effective for building brand recognition–an endeavor that can take time. Your strategy may naturally evolve, but give your campaign time to generate measurable results before you make major changes to your plan (Source: https://www.convinceandconvert.com/social-media-strategy/social-media-strategy-in-8-steps/).

Be Consistent

Establishing a social presence is important, but maintaining that presence over the long term is equally important. Announcing a blog every other month isn’t as consistent as a weekly or by-weekly blog for instance. While you may not want to over-do it and alienate your followers by posting too much, a savvy marketer will still use the networks on a consistent basis to feature varying and relevant content. In other words, don’t disappear after a month of social marketing; stay there and stay tuned to effectively market your brand.

Ecommerce sites and drop ship businesses that use social media effectively understand the innate value associated with their marketing initiatives. As more people spend greater time online, it only makes sense to reach them there and connect your brand in meaningful ways. Don’t miss out on the marketing benefits of the major networks like Facebook and Twitter.