Determining If You Have Been Abducted By Aliens

There are some ways to tell if you have been abducted by Aliens this is no joke.

There are many many cases where people who have been abducted they do not remember what happen, loosing hours not being to recall what happened.



After  abducted by aliens they erase the memories of the selected person’s,but there are way to interpret and be able to bring out the memories of being taken by the extraterrestrials.




Ways of determining if you have been abducted by aliens

loosing hours not being able to remember where the past hours went, sudden illness, marks on your body , very unusual dreams, missing something, the symptoms explained above will determine if you have been abducted.

The memory loss will give a very good indication that something happened, when you try to remember something you wont be able to recall the situation at all.


alien abduction


According to Dr, Steiger there are six signs in telling if you have been abducted:

1. Feeling an illness that you were not experiencing before, not being to sleep all of the sudden, loosing your appetite, nausea headaches.

2. Feeling that you have lost time.

3. Not being able to remember (memory loss).

4. All of the sudden, you have strange marks, bruises, missing hair, burns.

5. Dream’s of being taken seeing strange lights, extraterrestrial sites, strange things that you haven’t experienced before.

6. During daytime strange images appear in front of your eyes, such as UFOs or extraterrestrial images.




If you have ever experienced any of these recently or in your life time, you may have been abducted by extraterrestrials.

What you can do to get help, after if you think you have been abducted by aliens there are many UFO organizations which will be able to give some answers and being able to talk to people who have experienced something similar so you don’t think you are becoming crazy.

The way to recover lost memories is through help from hypnosis.


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