This tutorial i made will show you how to sign up with hosgator hosting, and setting up wordpress blog in your new hosting with these easy steps. The reason why i choose hostgator rather than some other companies their service is very good there is no down time, and lets say later your blog become’s popular you can upgrade to a better server.

Lets get started


The first step you need to do is click on this link Hostgator,

After On the hostgator page on top you will see ” Web Hosting” Click That

hostgator homepage

Now The link will take you to the hostagators plan’s, the best plan here is the “Business Plan” as it offers a Dedicated Ip which means you will have your unique ip address, and private ssl which is something that protects your visitor’s, click on the Order Now button

hostgator options


After you made your choice you will arrive at this page where you can choose your domain, enter a domain you prefer !!! Before you hit continue to step 2 below you can see ” Enter coupon code” Enter this coupon code and you will receive an extra %25 OFF your entire purchase, here is the code: “hightechpoint” now click Continue to step 2.


hostgator coupon


On the order form enter all of your info, the you have the choice of monthly, yearly and yearly plan is cheaper and you don’t have to worry on making monthly payments. Now below you can see this Hosting Addons ,

(The first one Domain privacy basically hides your info online, if you want your info to appear when someone searches your website at whois than you can pay for that.

The second thing on that list is the sitelock again up to you, or the best thing i like to do is uncheck because you can always get it later on.

The third one goMobi this one you do not need. as wordpress already has themes for mobile for free
Okay time to place your order)


hostgator addons


Okay now we are almost done!!!

After you have received the info on your email go ahead and login to your cpanel.
You will see this page


hostgator cpanel


Now scroll down

Click on the QuickInstall


hostgator quick install


on the left hand side you will see Blog software click on WordPress


hostgator wordpress


Click Continue

Than you will see this page


hostgator wodpress installation


The top box leave empty
You will need to fill out Admin email, Blog Tittle, Admin User, First and Last Name And click Install
At this point wordpress will install, you will also receive an email with the blog info user name pass.
To access your blog’s Dashboard area you will need to go


I will make another tutorial which will explain on how to use wordpress and tips for seo, and to make it faster and “migrating from blogger to wordpress the smart way”

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial would love it if you left a thank you comment or a suggestion or a question either three work 🙂

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