The hot topic that is currently rumoring about social media (Facebook) is that, Facebook is going to launch Mobile Ad Network called as “Facebook Audience Network”. It is more likely to be launched on 30th of April.

This news is currently like hot cake in the market and a large number of people are talking about it. Through various sources it comes to know that this Audience Network will help developers not only target Standard banners but as well as Custom ad units.

Due to this Facebook can earn more money, by creating more ads. This mobile ad network program was actually started in 2012.It was just the beginning at the time and now they have realized to give it a proper shape. But at that time margins were not that much high so, Facebook had stopped that for the time being. But sooner in September 2013 they decided to reboot mobile ad network test. But this time they make a mind to work directly with the advertisers and the publishers or in other words (Applications that hosts the ads).In this way they can create more money.

Sheryl Sandburg (COO Facebook) quoted that Their initial efforts show a lot of courage and promise and they have gotten a very good response/feedback from marketers”.

Mike Isaac has also reported that, this new Mobile ad network will be more likely to be launched on 30th of this month i-e April. Considering all above, we can easily say that all these news are true and authentic as they have been quoted by some of the best in the business.

As mentioned above the ad is named as “Facebook Audience Network” (FAN). Let’s discuss some of the features and core functionalities of this ad.


  • It will be more likely to happen that this ad will support both simple and custom modes for the advertisers and the developers so that they can enhance the power of Facebook ads more effectively and positively.


  • They can target the data across the globe (mob app market in particular).


  • At the beginning, Face book will deal with the advertisers. Many of them have already eager to do so.


  • They (Facebook) will define some specific parameters and will work within these limits. In this way they can get more user response towards them and they can earn as much as they can based on their define criteria.


Now, let’s see how it goes and how they launch their Mobile Ad Network So called “Facebook Audience Network”.