Parties are amazing fun time, especially when shared with friends. Everybody loves to party, but not every party tends to be enjoyable and end well. Factors that determine how wonderful a party would be are: The people involved. Are they friends or just acquaintances. Because you tend to let your hair down if they are your friends. Secondly the food to be eaten at the party. How tasty and nutritious a party food is matters. And last but the most important is the location of the party. Below is my list of five wonderful party locations for you and your friends:

The first wonderful party location I would suggest is the back of your house. That is, if your property is big and spacious, you can put together an outdoor barbecue party just behind or in front of the house, well decorated with tables and chairs. The best time for this kind of party is late in the afternoon till early evening. Your friends come around. The best food to go with this kind of party is barbecue and finger foods.

The second wonderful party location is the Swimming pool. Pool parties tend to be more fun because a lot of activities like swimming and, pool ball games etc., adds fun to the party. The swimming pool can be a private or public pool. If it’s a private pool, better. But if it’s a public pool, it is advised that booking and arrangement to use the pool location should be made days before the party.

The third favorite party location is the Beach. For people who have beaches in a walkable or drivable distance from their home, this is a very nice place to have a party. Just like the pool, a cool nice beach is a nice place to have fun with friends. Lot of activities like swimming at the sea shores beach hand ball games, helps to add color to the party.

The fourth nice party location for friends is: Your Bedroom, for pajamas parties. This is fun especial when your friends get to sleep over after the party. Get your friends to come over to your apartment, everybody heads to your bedroom for the party. This kind of party is nice and can accommodate activities such as card games, dare or truth games and others. Small chop foods and finger foods are best for this kind of parties.

The fifth wonderful party location is your favorite restaurant. Though this might be a little bit more expensive, depending on the location and cost of food in the restaurant. But it is really worth the stress, because you and your friends get to be pick the different choices of food and you get to be served quick and fast. And it’s always a three course meal .But apart from cost, another limitation of this location is that you can’t let you hair down fully in a restaurant party. Because it’s a public location, the way you compose your selves matters a lot.
In conclusion, all these locations mentioned above are really cool places for you and your friends to go have fun during party time. Just make the most of these locations, remember to let your hair down, and avoid too much alcohols beverages, plan your locations ahead of them and have fun all the way. If you are planning for an outdoor party in UK, contact UKBA to know the amazing Places to have fun with your friends.