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 Gaming Systems History

Gaming console history, has gone a long way , I still remember playing tetris , super mario, and sonic in the Sega genesis mega drive. Gaming has evolved so much that now days games look very real, with real physic’s also now army personnel training with military 1024px-NES-Power-Glovegames, and games like the flight simulator where anyone can learn the basic’s of a plane and how it handles in the last ten years things have changed so much as now you can play the most popular games like Battlefield 3 and COD Multiplayer with other people , this was only imagined in movies , but now the reality is gaming is going to get more evolved there is already things at work like Oculus Rift watch the video below see how gaming is going to change.

Oculus Rift

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Whats you favorite game and what console/computer ?


Gaming Systems History
image source: wikipedia