Lighting Technology Of Tomorrow For Homes And Cars

Lightings of homes and vehicles are an important thing that we have to pay attention every day. This is really a challenging task as it is very much essential during nights, especially during new moon nights. So you have to be very much careful about how to make the homes and surroundings, along with your vehicles, well furnished with lights. In earlier days, we were using incandescent bulbs for lights. But as we learnt that they were highly inefficient, we replaced them with more efficient fluorescent lights. Now we have replaced even them with LCD and LED lights. So far they are the most efficient types of lights that we have with us.

OLED wall sconce by WAC lighting

The automakers are also searching constantly for new lighting systems which are more efficient and user friendly. There were a large number of self driving and autonomous cars and they are hitting the market these with overwhelming success and their success is a guiding light to other car lightings these days. There were hopes of incorporating many features similar to Smartphone in the cars. The first car which made an attempt in this direction is the Audi car.

Audi A5 LED Headlight

Another interesting thing about the Audi car is that it was the first car in the world which used complete LED lightings in its overall design and technology. Their headlights are the best type of headlights that we have in any car today. New features included in this car enable you to incorporate new features which enable you to dim and brighten the lights whenever you need them. This feature is the newest feature which is not there in any other car.

They are thinking of launching their new feature, a camera in their lights. This is the first time that any car company is incorporating camera in their lighting systems. The matrix LED technology which is provided with this car enables automatic dimming and brightening of the lights according to the situation. When your car senses any other car coming in its direction and is nearing you, it will automatically lessen its brightness and helps you to get a clear view and when the car is going in between a densely covered and dark path.

Camera Tossing Fun

Along with the LED technology, the Audi cars are using the newest OLED technology also in their cars now. This technology is the one which makes the lights look cooler and more effective. The brightness of the light increases while the coolness also increases. On the contrary, in the old model incandescent bulbs, even though the light was dim, it was very hot.

The manufacturers of Audi car are working everyday to improve their lighting technology. This has been really a challenging task, but they are aiming at providing newer and newer models of lights which are more efficient and wonderful to look. OLED technology is the latest technology in this regard. They are using this technology not only to headlights of the cars, but also to the back lights. So their cars are liked by almost all the people in the world. Have an Audi car in your home and enjoy a happy drive!

Roland is a passionate blogger about new technologies and works as a supplier of lighting tower in Australia.