In this video we cover the Airthereal MA10K PRODIGI which is able to remove odors with a max ozone output of 10, 000mg per hour and also has an excellent LCD control interface. If you haven’t notice already I did butcher the name of the company in the first sentence in my video where I did not pronounce the company correctly here is the correct way: Airthereal One thing to note about this MA10K PRODIGI Ozone Generator is that this thing means business when it talks about removing odors this is perfect for those situations where you are having a difficult situation find and removing an odors as this definitely does that job.


Just another reminder Never stay or have pets in the same room as the ozone generator when its up and running this can be very dangerous this is strictly for Unoccupied space ONLY


The MA10K-PRODIGI Digital Ozone Generator is the best ozone generator that Airthereal has to offer and beats many other competitors with flying colors when it comes to this space here are some of the specs of the Airthereal MA10K PRODIGI Digital Ozone Generator


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