Panasonics New Low Light Filter


Panasonic has developed a new Micro color splitter color filtering sensor, which makes images twice brighter with this new low light coloring filter.

The two images taken were taken using a CCD with the same F4.0 Sensitivity ,as you can see the difference, this new technology will be excellent for smartphone cameras which are not that great for low light situations.


The image comparison in F4.0comparison



The new technology can be used with with any of the sensors such as CMOS, CCD or BSI which also means that this new technology can be made using the current semiconductors that are used currently.

The new technology doesn’t use any new special materials which means it will be manufactured faster and sooner.

The new Prototype PanasonicĀ  sensorĀ  the micro color splitternew prototype sensor


Panasonics New Low Light Filter The Double The Brightness (Video)


source: diginfo

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