Reolink C2 Pro WiFi Camera System

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Reolink Camera with 5MP PTZ, 3X optical zoom, 2.4/5 GHz WiFi and two-way audio.
The Reolink C2 Pro WiFi camera system is an excellent solution when it comes to having security cameras for home.

The first things you notice with this WiFi Camera System is the quality wiht th 2560×1920 resolution which delivers nice quality video.

The Reolink c2 pro camera also features an 8pcs infrared LED which gives very nice coverage even in pitch black as you saw in the clip which makes this amazing for day and night.

When it comes to home security camera system the Reolink Camera does deliver some great results with its 3x optical zoom not the fastest zoom and focus ratio but it does the job.

One of the cons which I faced with the Reolink C2 Pro is the instalattion part which gave me some issues to figure out not sure if it was just my system or in general, connecting the camera to the wifi was a hassel because I had to connect the camera through the ethernet than I was able to connect it through the WiFi which worked great after.

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