Scribit has to be the coolest thing that I have had the chance to review on this channel and you will see why on this video while I do the Scribit Review the Worlds first write & erase robot.

This thing is truly amazing and there is absolutely nothing negative I can say about it, because it is able to draw on your walls and even windows making your home more personalized and drawing art on any wall with ease from your smartphone.

More info about the Scribit from their Official Website:

The way the Scribit works is if you think of a 3D printer it kinda has the same idea it has the push and pull system where its able to draw anything in your wall and the greatest thing is its not just one color your art can be multi colored 4 to be more precise.

And did I mention this thing is made in Italy Designed by CRA – Carlo Ratti Associati, usually you don’t see much tech products made in Italy which was very nice to see and it is a quality piece I cant wait to see what they come up with next.

There are over a thousand designs available for you to choose from or you can simply create your own art or upload an image.

The only thing which I think can be achieved in future updates because it seems very possible to do is to show you the exact draw space and than to give you a choice of if you want to move it up or move it on one side a little more that would just make this thing perfect because than you know exactly where your drawing is going to be placed.

Also I did not mention on the video is that there are so many more color choices in their website from purple, yellow to pink and even white for windows.