Smart Tire Sensors

Smart Sensors that are able to tell you when you overfill your vehicle with stuff or people so you don’t slowly damage your suspension, basically the whole body is in much better condition when it is not overfilled.


Smart Tire Sensors Informs When Exceeded Weight

Basically this little sensor will do big things from preventing vehicles commonest from getting damages, this is also great for workers when they fill their vehicles with random stuff they will be able to tell if they exceed the amount that the tires and the vehicle can handle.

What the smart sensor does it weights you vehicle and is able to tell, how the sensor works when you enter the vehicle the tire is smooshed a little that is then going to tell the sensors how much of the tire is touching the ground.

The way the sensors star to work you would have to drive a few miles/km for the vehicle to start picking up the readings from the sensors. Making it a little difficult to determine if you already overfilled your vehicle before you start driving.


smarphone wight detection

The load detection technology will soon be in all future vehicles making them more safer last longer.

In the note to far future the company is planning to release a smartphone app that will enable you to inflate your tire to the desired level.

The monitoring of the tires is going to be easier to monitor when you are filling your tire with air you will be able to see it in your smartphone in real time to see if it has the right amount of psi.

The company behind the cool tire sensors is Continental, which is now making the new tire sensor which is going to be placed underneath the tread of the tire, so it can monitor and detect while it collects information to the user.