Will You Change Your Life In Order To Go Green?

There are some fantastic ways to live a more environmentally friendly life these days and it is simply a question of picking the ones which best suit you. If you look into the subject on the internet you will find lots of ideas for leading a greener life and some of them might grab you right away.

In some cases you might want to change your life in order to do this but will this be the ideal solution for you?

Work from Home

Home Office

If you have the option of working from home then this is a fine way to cut down on your travelling. It is especially useful if you currently travel a long distance to your place of work in a car. Working from home is a big change in anyone’s lifestyle and isn’t right for everyone. However, it can make it a lot easier to live an environmentally friendly life so it is worth investigating if you ever have the chance to do so.

Get a New House

The Green House, "U" Street SE, Historic Anacostia, Washington, DC

Will you be tempted to move into a new home which has better green credentials? Environmentally friendly homes tend to be more expensive than non green ones but you will, of course, expect to save money on your energy and water bills over time. The other option is to gradually implement some changes such as fit a more energy efficient gas boiler in your current house to make it greener. This will mean that it takes longer for you to see the end results but it will probably be more satisfying in the long run.

Take Different Types of Holiday


Anyone who is lucky enough to go away on holiday each year tends to view it as a hugely important part of the year. This means that the thought of losing out on trips to their favourite holiday spots could be hard to take. The good news is that you can change your life in a less drastic way and still enjoy an annual trip. This can be done by looking at greener and more sustainable holiday ideas. For example, instead of jetting off to a foreign beach you could travel less and explore your own region. Throw in lots of walking or cycling and you have a green holiday which should be enough to keep most people happy.

 Keep It Simple

go green

Obviously it isn’t always necessary to make such big changes to our lives when we want to be more environmentally friendly. You could also make a positive difference by doing simpler things like fitting new windows, planting more shrubs in your garden or getting a new boiler installed. Anything which helps you waste less energy or contribute to a better environment is to be encouraged.

Joel Desvignes is a lifestyle blogger who sometimes writes for Help-Link

featured image source:  Michelle from Buffalo

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