I recently got my hands on the NZXT H9 Flow case, and I’ve been waiting for it for quite a while. I was excited to try it out, but there are a few negative things about this case that I think you should know before buying it.

First of all, the case looks amazing. The design is sleek, and it looks great even with the stickers on. However, I found a few issues that could make or break your decision to buy this case.

The first issue is with the GPU. If you have a larger GPU, such as an RTX 4090, the tempered glass will touch the cables. I had to push the glass in a little to make it fit, and I’m concerned that I could damage the GPU if I push too hard.

The second issue is with the radiator at the top of the case. It comes too low, making it a very tight fit for the CPU cables. If you plan on using a thicker radiator or doing custom liquid cooling, you’ll have problems fitting it in. However, if you plan on using just one 360 AIO, you can use the side instead.

The power supply placement is also a concern. It’s located at the top of the case, which can transfer heat to the motherboard. I don’t understand why they didn’t place it at the bottom instead.

Despite these issues, there are some good things about this case. The cable management is excellent, and there’s plenty of room for all your cables. The case also comes with filters everywhere, making it easy to clean.

Overall, if you’re planning to buy this case, I recommend watching this review first. I hope this video helps you make an informed decision before you buy. If you have any questions about this case, feel free to leave a comment below.