The Ford Skyliner is a concept vehicle that will make your jaw come down, the luxury in this vehicle is amazing with a movie theater, bar, while having amazing comfy seats.


With Luxury and Technology this makes the perfect place to spend time, having real maple wooden floors , also featuring a bar with a freezer and fridge which they will also included the luggage bags travel ready.

The vehicle is equipped with ipad’s which Ford has its own app to totally take control of the vehicle.

From the app you will have the options of starting to play PlayStation 4, watching direct TV, with movies and music and the coolest you will have internet connection.
The lighting is also controlled from the app which you are able to choose any color of lightings to adjusting the lights.

The Climate control is done through the app making everything very easy to navigate without the need to move your hand anywhere else but the iPad.


The shades are also controlled through the app making it possible to stop the shading at any point you want but once you hit theater mode everything goes dark with the shades going down and the 52″ screen coming down and it will be ready to play any movie and you can start playing your PS4. Once you are done watching a movie the projector screen will go up and disappear and the shades will go up making everything go back to normal.
The Ford Skyliner is also equiped with camreas all around even underneath the car for security reason, you are able to see from the side’s and see what’s in front of you from sitting down and looking into your IPad the technology in this vehicle just makes you feel like you are in a private Jet.
This is a vehicle you want to travel or live in eaither way works for me.


source: engadget


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