Lit Motors C1 A Motorcycles That Does Not Fall

Looks like a futuristic Motorcycles ,being both worlds a car and a motorcycle with the safety features of a car.

No need for a helmet or boots.

Being able to stay up right even if is being struck in a side impact, thanks to the magic underneath the seats.

The 2 Gyroscopes are able to maintain the motorcycle up right without being able to fall over, with the large fly-wheel inside that spins around seven to ten thousand RPM being able to output around 500 pounds of torque.

The Lit Motors C1 Brings safety in motorcycles with the gyroscope technology, the amazing footage showing a truck pulling the C1 from the side and it is still being able to maintain upright without falling on the side that is just amazing.

The 0 to 60 is about 6 seconds and up to 120 miles and hour speeds.

Fully charged up to 200 miles of travel.

The room inside The Lit Motors C1 will fit a taller person without problems.

Deliveries will begin on late 2014 with a price point being around $24,000


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photo credit: IntelFreePress