Another new beginning for smartphone becomes even smarter with the Pelican Imaging Smart Camera, which is faster, better in every way so many cool features this is a whole new beginning that makes smartphones smarter.


Pelican Imaging

The good people at pelican imaging built a smartphone camera that features not one camera on a smartphone  but eight cameras making the depth perception incredible this means you can adjust the focus right there or after you take the picture,

making this the number one feature which means you don’t have to wait for the camera to focus so this will make the camera super fast to take a picture in the moment you want to , not waiting around until it focuses than to click to take the picture.

You are also able to focus the multiple subjects at once, once finished taking the photo you can share the picture with all the details meaning anyone can focus and make cool things happen with your pictures.

Here is another video that explains things a bit more in detail.


Next Generation Smartphone Cameras (Video)