Parrot Bebop Drone is yet another new product from Parrot featuring a new smaller drone, with new camera features.


The new Parrot Bebop Drone features a fisheye camera lens making things lighter also you will be able to control the view without any optical camera movements thanks to the Fisheye lens.



The new small weight quad copter which features a1080p, 14-megapixel fisheye lens  AIS F/2.2  Camera which captures a raw 14 MB  180 degree view , than processes it to a 2mp footage.



1200 mAh which will last around 12 minutes of fly time.



Built in Gps , you are able to set a flight path or setup so the Drone returns at your location.


If something disrupts one of the propellers by any reasons , than all of the propellers stop so it does not cause any damage to the drone that’s a nice neat feature by Parrot.


source: youtube
via: cnet





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