I am looking at the EnGenius ECW336 this is an indoor tri-band wireless Wi-Fi 6E access point. So inside the box, we do get this top cover, which also has the QR codes to get the mobile app and the quick start guide as well.

If you’re new to access point, just like the one we see here, you can see we have the wall mounts and the device itself, but there’s no power adapter. So this one doesn’t come with one. So you have two options. You can get like a power adapter like this one here or a power over the Ethernet adapter like the one we have here as well.

If you have a switch that supports the PoE and usually most of the good ones do. And then that’s why you don’t really need a power adapter or the power Ethernet adapter that I have here. Just a few key points before we get to the testing.

This access point supports a five gigabit PoE and it is cloud managed. So you will need to access the AP from the app or websites, which I will go through. Also, one thing about the access points now, they are very simple to set up. Actually, sometimes even easier than setting up a wireless router. So it’s not just for businesses.

You’re able to use this at home, especially if you get a modem from your ISP. And usually the wireless range on most of those modems provided by your internet company are not that great. So if you need to get better, Wi-Fi range around your home, then getting an access point like this one here is very ideal. I will also go ahead and list all of the specs of this ECW336 AP just so I don’t bore you with all those details. So taking a look at the device itself here, at the top we do have some indicators.

So we do have the power indicator when it is connected. And also we get the 2.4, five gigahertz and six gigahertz connection. So it will let you know what’s connected and what’s running as it will flash. And at the back, this is the QR code, which you will need to scan when you’re setting up the AP for the first time. And down here, we can see the five gigabit port here, which does support PoE. And then we also get the 12 volt adapter if you wish to do that. And then the reset down here as well. And now we are on the dashboard here. So you’re able to see a few things right away here. So I do have one access point. And right now I do have the six gigahertz enabled only because I was running a few tests. And we can see here two clients connected. I do have the desktop connected and also my phone as well.