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Kingston Mobility Kit Review

by axiomApril 10, 2014

The Kingston Mobility Kit (MBLY10G2/32GB) makes file transferring fast and easy by providing the three key components that everyone uses everyday the adapters with the micro SDHC being the centerpiece , and a microSDHC to USB card reader and microSDHC to SD

What’s in the Box

The Kingston Mobility Kit Package includes:

  • 32GB class 10 microSDHC card
  • microSDHC/USB card reader
  • microSDHC/SD Adapter


kingston memory Kingston Mobility Kit Review

(Class 10)

  • 4GB    MBLY10G2/4GB
  • 8GB    MBLY10G2/8GB
  • 16GB    MBLY10G2/16GB
  • 32GB    MBLY10G2/32GB

(Class 4)

  • 4GB    MBLY4G2/4GB
  • 8GB    MBLY4G2/8GB
  • 16GB    MBLY4G2/16GB
  • 32GB    MBLY4G2/32GB

The 32Gb microSDHC  class 10 that we have here is included in the mobility kit which makes things more versatile as you can move things around with ease with the USB read or the SD Adapter so making transferring files easier and fast.

kingston memory 2 Kingston Mobility Kit Review

What I like most of the  Kingston Mobility Kit is that the Micro sdhc USB reader is very small and it comes with a small ring so you are able to put it in your keychain, and its so small you wont even notice it.

kingston memory 3 Kingston Mobility Kit Review

Not only does the Kingston Mobility Kit look cool but it also delivers the speeds it promises so you will be able to move files at a very fast pace also being able to even watch HD movies from your MicoSDHC card in your smartphone. You are also able to use microSDHC card on Tablets to Laptops, PCs, Apple Devices,  GPSs, Cameras and more.

Write / Read Benchmark

Write 10.3 MB/s
Read 20.6 MB/s


Kingston offers  two-year warranty on reader ,and  lifetime warranty  on the card.

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