ADATA Premier 64GB MicroSDXC Review

 In External Storage

The ADATA Premier 64GB MicroSDXC Flash Card comes in a very reasonable price and reasonable speeds, lets take a closer look.






The box is pretty simple contains the:

  • MicroSDXC
  • MicroSDXC to SD Adapter






This particular model comes with a class 10 with a nice price point to it,  also the 64GB will be good for pretty much any file you have you can fit allot of files also you are able to watch from HD streaming without problems.




Here we see the back view of both the MicroSDXC and the SD Adapter







The MicroSDXC  come pre formatted exFat which may not be compatible with some devices , the solution is to format it to change that settings so it will work with you device other wise no other issues.




The MicroSDXC in the SD Adapter




Benchmark Read/Write

Read:  18.84 MB/s

Write: 15.28 MB/s



Great card for the price range.





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