Best Puzzle Games For Mobile

One of the most widely used types of apps for mobile phones these days are games. These applications can allow both adults and kids to stay entertained for hours on end when they might otherwise be bored due to downtime.

Some of the best mobile games are of the puzzle variety, which can really challenge your brain and keep your mind sharp. There are a number of very popular puzzle games available for smartphones.

Here are a few that are not as well known that you might want to consider downloading.

Block x 3

Block x 3 is another excellent puzzle game for iOS devices and is also free. It is easy to play and is quite relaxing.

The object of the game is to solve puzzles by getting three blocks in a row or column that are the same color. As the game progresses, it gets a bit more difficult as additional colors start to appear. Moving blocks around end up becoming more challenging as a result.

Download the app here.



Plumber is a free puzzle game for Android smartphones and tablets. It is easy to use and is reminiscent of the popular old game Pipes.

The idea is to connect pipe pieces together by touching them to create a full pipe so that water doesn’t run out on either end.

There are two game modes available in the game that include arcade mode and challenge mode. In the latter, there are 200 levels of varying difficulty that will keep you entertained for hours.

Download the app here.


Ultimate Puzzle

Ultimate Puzzle is a free game for Android that includes 4,000 levels. The idea is to place puzzle pieces in the right location on a board to make a larger shape.

It starts out easy but getting trickier as you progress through higher levels. It is a real challenge due to the fact that each piece fits only in one particular spot and pieces cannot be rotated.

You can even play in a mode called Infinite Game Mode that allows you to play against others in real-time in a specific time amount. It is a great puzzle game for individuals of all ages.

Download the app here.


KooZac is a great puzzle game for Windows Phone that costs $2.99. It includes 60 challenging levels in which your goal is to destroy silver puzzle blocks to clear the board and reach your target.

There are Endless and Blitz modes that allow you to either clear gem pieces at no levels and compete against other players or challenge your Facebook friends in 60 seconds to compete for the highest score in weekly tournaments. You can also use boosts in Blitz mode.

This puzzle game is highly addictive and can keep you entertained all throughout your downtime.

Download the app here.


These games are sure to challenge you and dazzle the eye while you play them and try to solve their puzzles. Each are well worth acquiring for hours of brain teasing fun.

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