162.55 Dollars In Just One Minute Real Time Graph

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162.55 Dollars In Just One Minute Real Time Graph

A real-time graph created by CNN shows , the differences between a minimum wage person to the president seeing how much money they would receive in one minute.

Here are the minimum wages for 2013 in United States & Canada

2013 U.S Minimum Wages

Arizona $7.80
Colorado $7.78
Florida $7.79
Missouri $7.35
Montana $7.80
Ohio $7.85
Oregon $8.95
Rhode Island $7.75
Vermont $8.60
Washington $9.19


2013 Canadian Minimum Wages

Alberta $9.75
BC $10.25
Manitoba $10.25
New Brunswick $10.00
Newfoundland $10.00
NWT $10.00
Nova Scotia $10.30
Nunavut $11.00
Ontario $10.25
PEI $10.00
Quebec $9.90
Saskatchewan $9.50
Yukon $10.30


The Graph shows the wages from U.S minimum wages to U.S median wage, Teacher (elementary), Physician, to the big guys Kobe Bryant, Rex W. Tillerson ExxonMobil and President Obama



In just 15 seconds Kobe Bryant wage has already passed the 40 dollar mark , while leaving the President at 0.80 cents


The 46 Second Mark.

46 seconds

In just forty-six seconds Kobe Bryant has already done more than a minimum days of work as medium wage person. If you stare at this graph for long you’re not going to want to wake up to go to work the next day.


The 1 Minute Mark 1 minute money

In just one minute Kobe Bryant has reached a whooping $162.55 which makes it worth while seeing the Presidents and Physician wages.

What do you think of all this leave a comment where is your wage at calculate your 1 minute wage and share it with us.



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