1GB Ultra Fast Internet Is Headed To Vancouver Canada

OneGigabit a company which is going to loved by everyone in Vancouver is finally opening doors to the ultra fast internet in Canada without any caps.

It is currently starting up in Vancouver with prices that will blow your mind off with the $45 to $65 dollars the speed are going to be greater than any other provider in Canada without any caps.

Finally a company which is going to put bell and rogers into their knees, now a average Canadian pays around $60 of internet with speeds that are not that great and with bandwidth caps that you have to call either company every end of the month to complain.

The OneGigabit company offers the best speeds we have seen only with google fiber, the 1000mb a second will truly be the future of everything you will be able to watch a couple of streaming HD movies and someone will still be able to browse the internet

source: cbc