Top 5 Halloween Movies

Scary movie night is a must have activity for Halloween. It helps you get in the spooky spirit of the celebration immediately. Although throwing a scary movie night is easier than hosting a full-fledged party, the effect is always incredible: in case you’ve chosen the right movies and appropriate decorations you will make your guests scared more than a haunted house or a cemetery ever could.

So, if you’re serious about hosting a great Scary Movie night, and you don’t want your guests end up laughing instead of rocking back and forth, get to know which Halloween movies can make it hard for your friends to close their eyes when they go to bed.

#1 Saw (2004)



Billy the puppet from Saw

If you want to be scared on Halloween, opt for this horror movie – you won’t regret. The sophisticated plot keeps you on the edge of your chair. The movie begins with two victims chained in an abandoned basement by a serial killer. ‘Saw’ is a very scary flick, partly because there are many hideous moments, but also because you start putting yourself in the victims’ place and wonder how far would you go to survive.

#2 Paranormal Activity (2007)

scene from paranormal activity

This is probably one of the most loved American supernatural horror movies. It creeps into mind not because of the hideous, bloody moments (like in most scary movies), but because you’re scared about what is not seen: Paranormal Activity depicts a young couple (Katie and Micah) whose house is haunted by a supernatural presence. Some of the described episodes were loosely based on real events.

#3 The Strangers (2008)

The Strangers poster

If you’re looking for a true horror movie with guts and gore, ‘The Strangers’ is just what you need. The flick stars Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler as a young couple staying in an isolated cottage house. They seem to be in a bad phase of their relationship. The horror starts when they fall victim to a group of strangers who start tormenting them. ‘The Strangers’ will surely scare the pants off you on Halloween.

#4 Halloween (1978)

HALLOWEEN MOVIE TRIVIA:  Who plays Michael Myers in the original HALLOWEEN?

The movie, as its name suggests, can be a great candidate for your Halloween scary movie party. Make sure you’ve chosen the right movie, since there are many other ‘Halloweens’. The original Halloween was shot in 1978. It stars Donald Pleasant and Jamie Lee Curtis (her movie debut). The movie follows a six-year old Michael Myers who inexplicably murders his teenage sister. Fifteen years later, before Halloween 1978, Myers escapes from a psychiatric hospital…

Halloween is the perfect choice for a horror movies night – it keeps constant tension throughout and makes you rock back and forth in your chair despite its obvious low budget and plot holes.

#5 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

texas chainsaw
While many horror films try to keep you on the edge of your seat scaring you with the unknown and suspense, ‘Massacre’ throws the blood and gore right in your face. The movie was shot in 1978 (!) and right after its release it was banned in many countries for violence. Intriguing? By the way, some plot details were based on serial murders of real-life killer ED Gein.

Top 5 Halloween Movies

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