3D Printed Guns

A documentary by motherboard brings out the dark side of 3D printed Guns the future of weapons without spending to much money, people will be able to print actual guns that will be usable by anyone.

The 3D printed are tended to be used for part’s making cool objects making personalised jewellery, in my sense 3D Printers are not and should not be used for weapons.


3d guns


In the not to near future 3D printers will be in most household’s as it will be as easy to buy and make your own objects such as plates cups personalised things , for more advanced users they can make anything that comes to their imaginations come to life.

The documentary covers the rapid rate the 3D technology is travelling , and some people will have bad intentions of using the 3d printers.

3D printers are becoming way more affordable everyday , just like when actual paper printers came out they were expensive now you can buy a paper printer for less than 30 dollars.




This video shows  Cody Wilson who is a University student in Texas a law student who is an advocate of the open source firearms productions, while using the technology for  3D printing.

Wilson does this as his hobby building 3D guns to prove a somewhat point that anyone can print actual guns and rifles in their homes.

What do you think the future of 3D printer hold’s what can a 3d printer be used for when they reach the mass public when they become more affordable.  The  open source is even worse for  the public as anyone can 3d print a weapon wihout 3d software knoledge it.

The positive things about 3D printers , without any 3D software experience such as cad, lets say a plate or a glass got broken you can go ahead and print a brand new one at the comfort of your home.


3D Printed Guns What Happens Next (Documentary Video)