What is E-commerce?
For the several business owners’ aspirants, becoming an entrepreneur for e-commerce is now highly achievable with the continued emergence of fresh web design tool and online sales platforms. Even with the possibility of anyone launching business online, the success of that business is determined by a salesperson that is dedicated, which means being at par with the current trends in the market place. If you are set to up your e-commerce business in 2014, the e-commerce platform provider Volusion’s marketing communications manager Matt Winn directs to watching the following present trends in online sales.

The significance of multichannel selling.


As the behaviors of customer shopping become more fragmented, so should the existence of small businesses owners online. Owning an e-commerce is nowadays insufficient. SMBs (small and medium-size businesses should start searching for methodical ways to broaden their presence plus amalgamations with diverse shopping feeds as well as extra outlets to reach further consumers.

Increased data dependence.


With the continued presence expansion across channels by smaller businesses online, the need to diverge to performance data from a holistic standpoint and specified channel becomes extra important. A good tool for this is Google Analytic since site traffic can be accessed from referral sites and multiple devices by business owners.

Tablets, Smartphone and various mobile devices access.

E-commerce Fulfillment Services

Volusion has experienced great gains in the use of e-commerce through mobile devices such as tablets and Smartphone particularly during holiday season. This trend is expected to accelerate with the continued increase in mobile adoption and availability of new mobile technologies. It is important for small businesses to possess heir website’s mobile version with optimized mobile checkout to aid in the facilitation of a superior mobile experience. Also, they should view their site across several mobile devices while paying attention to current technologies for example smart-watches.

Adieu, traditional SEO.


In the attempt of serving the best, most pertinent content to users, Google is on the constant update of its algorithm. This simple implies that the tactics of traditional SEO are plummeting by the wayside and a growing push towards, unique content together with social media signals are of great importance come 2014. To aid in standing ahead of the SOE curve, it is needed of the small retailers to put less focus on traditional SEO principles such as on density and keyword usage, and alternatively strive towards generating tailored and useful content for their selected audience. An example is creating orient lifestyle content in form of videos, blog posts and several other media variety that motivates sharing by readers.

Small shops compressed by bigger merchants.


With huge retailers such as Amazon continue to purloin market share from the other big box online and offline retailers, small online businesses will require becoming extra agile in how they play, from marketing standpoint, price and customer service. This demands pinpointing true points of dissimilarity from bigger merchant, exhibiting these points in branding and marketing and conveying customized experiences.


The above online sales trends are sure to boost your e-commerce business by simply focusing your attention to them.

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