When it comes to panic rooms, this is a popular feature that custom home builders like to offer. You may want to know why you would want a panic room – and the answer varies from person to person.


Features Inside of a Panic Room

To truly understand why custom home builders are offering panic rooms, it’s important to know what they can include. The room can be as basic or as high-tech as you want it to be. Generally speaking, there should be enough communication equipment to put you in touch with law enforcement quickly. You should only be in there for an hour or two if your house is being invaded before help is on the way and you can come out.

While you wait, you can have the time of your life. It is a personal preference in terms of what you want the builders to include. You may have a TV, a surveillance CCTV, a large room with classy furniture, a toilet and even a wet bar. This area of your house can be as advanced as you want it to be – and it can be used for other things beyond a panic room.

What a Panic Room Can Be Used For

Most people think panic room and think of the Jodie Foster movie. While it can be used to hide from bad guys, it can also be used as a way to hide from other things – including hurricanes, tornadoes and other acts of God.

Most of the panic rooms are not directly attached to the house. They are also firmly cemented into the ground. The room will not sustain damage even if your home has – and this can give you peace of mind as you hide inside the panic room for as long as you need to before you are given the thumbs-up to come out.

The panic room is going to have air conditioning, electricity and some means of communication. You can also choose to have plumbing into the room if you want a sink or a toilet inside. Especially if you use it for more than just a home invasion, you may want to consider these other features – and a home builder can go through a long list of what you want to include in the room that is built for you.

The room is going to seal from the inside, which means no one will be able to open it from the outside. Once you close the door, the only way that you are getting out is if you choose to open the door – and this is why security measures such as a CCTV can be important to have.

If you do not have a particularly large home, the panic room can be a room for entertaining, too. You can invite people inside and hang out because of the luxurious features that you added inside. This ensures that you maximize your space while still adding function and security.

These rooms are gaining in popularity as people want to protect themselves. You can choose how luxurious you want your panic room to be.


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