5 Terrible Truths About Your Twenties

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5 Terrible Truths About Your Twenties


Your twenties are great, aren’t they? You get to graduate college. You get to order drinks at bars (finally). You get to rent a car if you want. It’s all fun times! Until reality sets in. And you realize that life was so much better when your biggest complaint was your curfew. You probably never realized how good you had it until your twenties creeped up on you. Now it’s all bills, bills, and more bills. It’s pretty much the worst thing ever. Maybe not ever. But close. Here are 5 facts about your twenties that no one tells you until it’s too late.


1. Everything costs a pretty penny.

I know you know that nothing is free, but college made you believe that free food was provided at every event. College gave multiple unrealistic views of the real world. They provide free water bottles on move in day. They provide free movers. I’m lucky if I can get one poor soul to help me on move in day. Oh, you want a glass of water? Pay the water bill first. Nothing is free in the real world. Nothing.

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2. You have literally no idea where your life is going.

In college, everyone tells you how it’s totally fine that your major is “undecided.” No. It’s never fine. Not ever. Decide quickly. Decide on the first day of college. Better yet, decide while you are in middle school. Because if you are undecided, you will breeze through college with no issues. But then you will graduate, try to get a big kid job, and have no clue where to start looking. Before you know it, you’re flipping burgers at McDonald’s. (If this is your actual profession, then more power to you. Flipping burgers is noble and somebody has to do it.)

3. Your parents stop paying for everything.

Did you use the tollway too much? Did your credit card get maxed out? Did you run out of gas on the highway? Too bad. Mom and Dad are busy living the life now that you’ve graduated college and you aren’t hanging around the money tree all the time, AKA their wallets. You are twenty-somthing now. You need to pay off your credit cards, pay your tollway bill, and pay for the gas in your car all on your own now. How sad.


4. Friends stop caring.

You know those friends you used to see everyday throughout college and high school? Well, 85% of those people you were “BFF’s” with will stop talking to you. 40% of them will delete you as a friend on their Facebook. And 27% will spread a nasty rumor about you because they secretly hated your guts and now that they don’t see you anymore, they can start talking bad about you. You’re probably shaking your head at my statistics. Okay, that’s fair. I did make them up. But just wait. You will lose more friends than you ever thought you had once your twenties hit and you aren’t forced to see everyone at school anymore.

5. Getting sick becomes the worst thing to happen to you.

You know how in school when you got sick, it was the best because you got to stay home all day and watch TV? Now, if you get sick, you don’t get paid. If you don’t get paid, you can’t pay bills. If you can’t pay bills, your electricity gets shut off and you get evicted. It’s a vicious cycle. Just make it a point to stay healthy during your twenties.

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