7 Great Work From Home Ideas

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7 Great Work From Home Ideas


In this economy, you know that getting a job is often not as easy as most people say. When you have hundreds or thousands of applications for one job, it’s just a sign of the times and no one knows what this health care legislation will do to the economy.


But here’s the good news. You can make a few dollars on the side while you work from home. Stay at home jobs are available for the person with the right expertise. Here are some ways to make money.
1. Freelance Writer:
There are many sites online that let you write articles for other people. The pay isn’t much (usually about 1 cent a word) but they can add up if you write enough of them. Usually they’ll ask for a writing sample in advance.


2. Teachers
Teachers are always in demand and so are online tutors. If you have at least a Bachelor’s Degree, you know it can be difficult to land a job. But you can put your knowledge and expertise to good use by being an online tutor, make $10-$25 an hour while teaching people what they need to know, at all levels, be it grade school, high school or even college studies.

Working from home
3. Tech Support Assistant
Some companies outsource their jobs globally and you can offer assistance to someone without even leaving your own home. You can often pick your own hours and sometimes the service is done over VoIP, eliminating the need for a dedicated landline phone. This can get you some money.


4. Call Center Representative
Do you know when you call about a product in a catalog or from an infomercial, the person on the other side of the line may just be a person in his or her own home? This industry has seen robust growth in the last few years.


5. Translator
We are in a global economy. If you speak more than one language, you can earn a lot of money taking a document and translating it, and making it sound informal like it was spoken by the original person who wrote it. This is going to be more in demand as more people enter the workforce speaking various languages. Multilingual people will find this as one of the best stay at home jobs.


6. Web Developer
In this day and age, everyone has a web site and you can opt to be a web developer and with a little technical know-how, you can make a hefty sum of money. Work at home and make a nice living.


7. Medical Transcriber
This is a tough job, but it can be done if you’re willing to talk to and put up with doctors who may have thick accents, slur their speech, talk with an accent or pop gum while talking to you, but you can make as much as $20 an hour doing this.

Sweet Dreams
Like with all jobs where you work at home, you have to be careful of scams. If a job claims to let you work from home but demands a payment up front or asks you to go cash a check at a Western Union, you are being scammed. Remember: You should never have to pay to work at home.

Written by Nouah Jacobs. You may read some of his articles on entrepreneurship and empowerment on https://answersafrica.com

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