Setting up a new office is easy, right? It’s obvious that you’ll need things like computers, a few phone lines and maybe a printer or copy machine. But, there are several other items that can not only make your life easier, they have the potential to land you more business and protect you in the future.

What you need will of course depend on your industry and factors such as whether you do business face to face, travel or negotiate with companies overseas. The following are just a few inspiring ideas for office technology to make your life easier.


Digital telephone recorder

Digital Telephone Recorder

The ability to record telephone conversations is important for many reasons. Among many benefits, it can help you stay ‘in the minute’ during calls and eliminate the need to scribble down notes. Simply play the call back later and you can make sure you don’t miss anything important.

You can also use a recorded call in the event of any disagreement over what was said. Unless you have each and every point documented in a contract, it’s easy for a client or supplier to have a different recollection of what actually happened during a call. In this case you can tactfully play back the conversation in order to support your side of the story.

In some places such as the UK, companies are actually required to record all telephone calls, so a digital telephone recorder will keep you in compliance with law.


Electronic Copyboard (200x152)

Electronic Copyboard

Do you give sales pitches or presentations of services at your place of business? If so, an electronic copyboard can make you look that much more prepared and professional. The modern answer to a standard flip chart or white board, an electronic copyboard uses tablet technology to allow you to write on the screen and save all notes and data to a USB. You can then distribute the content to attendants.

USB Power Strip

If you need to connect your computer to multiple components, streamline your office with a great USB power strip. Just like a mini power strip, it will instantly give you more USB outlets, neatly organized for all of your needs.

Roll Up Travel Charger

You’ll thank yourself for this one when you’re out on the road for business. Keep it nice and organized with a portable charging hub for your phone, tablet and more. No one wants to have to juggle multiple chargers and keep track of all of them when you have more important business considerations on your mind- keep it simple and you’ll look polished and professional.

Fax machine


Fax Machine

Yes, you heard us correctly. Fax machines may be all but obsolete in many places, but if you plan on doing business with even one ‘old school’ client you’ll need one of these in your office. Faxed authorizations are still very much in use in places like Japan- click here for an interesting article about this.

The right technology can make your life in the office much easier and actually contribute to the success of your venture. To find out which products will help in your unique situation, contact OfficeAllsorts in the UK.



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