Choosing The Right TV

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Choosing The Right TV

We all need a new TV eventually. Few people go to the trouble of having a TV repaired any more. If anything, we leap upon the opportunity to upgrade to something newer, bigger, brighter and more fantastic. Even if our current TV is still working, we might persuade ourselves that it would be better off in the bedroom or kitchen, allowing us to get something new for the living room.
Choosing a TV can be overwhelming though.


There are so many options these days that it is almost impossible to weigh up all the different attributes at the same time. If anything, it’s better to try and simplify the process rather than trying to tick every box. Consider the fundamentals and you won’t go far wrong. By and large, your new TV is highly likely to be superior to your old one no matter what you buy.


Technology is forever advancing and costs are reducing, so don’t worry about making a terrible decision. Unless your new set is thoroughly unreliable, you will certainly be better off.

Sony XEL-1 OLED TV side

This is the main decision that you will have to make and there are two ways in which you can get it wrong. You can buy a TV that is too small or you can buy one that is too large. Yes, that second one can prove to be a problem.

It’s actually quite rare for people to buy a TV that is too small these days. However, if you’re economising, you might drop a few inches to save a few pounds. Before you do this, measure the space you have available and try and imagine different sized sets in that space. Remember also that many programme makers now envision everyone viewing on giant flat screens, so any written information might be presented in smaller type. You will notice this on sports matches in particular.

As for choosing a set that is too large – honestly, it can be done. If you’re craning your neck to see things or can’t get far enough away from the screen to take everything in, your screen is too large. You can find standard calculations online that will help you work out how big your screen should be according to how far away you will be sitting.

Position and sound
We focus so much on picture quality, that we sometimes overlook other important elements of the viewing experience. Don’t dwell on the images to the exclusion of all else. Being able to mount your TV on the wall in the optimum position will do more for your viewing than anything, while excellent sound adds more to the experience than you might imagine.

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