Chrome Cars A New Trend In The Automobile Market

chrome cars

Chrome Cars

It seems that one of the newest trends in the customised car market involves painting cars with a chrome finish. These cars are mostly found in areas where the wealthiest live, and several celebrities have been spotted driving around in chrome cars as well. For the average consumer, though, a chrome car is probably too far-fetched to ever become a reality. But it is fun to learn about and see these interesting vehicles. And if you see one on the road, you will probably stare for a while because they really are unlike anything you have ever seen before in the automobile market.


The History of Chrome and Cars

Chrome and cars is certainly not a new combination at all. In fact, chrome became popular around the same time that car customisation became a popular trend, back in the 1960s. Chrome was used on a variety of metal surfaces throughout cars’ interiors and exteriors, and many car accessories were also made with chrome finishes.


Chrome was also used back then in a more practical sense, in order to keep metal surfaces safe from corrosion and to make them stronger and more durable overall. So it wasn’t just about looks, although a lot of drivers who sought cars with chrome features really liked the aesthetically pleasing features these vehicles touted.
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The Look of Chrome Cars

These days, chrome is not merely found on a car’s exhaust pipe, it is applied to the entire vehicle. Imagine a car that is covered in a chrome finish. It reflects and shines like a mirror. Many times, these cars are customised after they are purchased by their owners, who want a customised car all of their own. And getting a chrome paint job on your car is not an inexpensive project in the least.


Many of the cars that you will find with chrome paint on them are very expensive vehicles that most consumers would not be able to afford in the first place, even without the chrome. This is why it is rare to even see a chrome-painted car on the road. Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz are just a few of the car brands that have been spotted with a chrome finish. And it completely complements these cars, which are already standout vehicles to begin with.

But even a more common sports car, like a Chevrolet Corvette, or a large SUV like a Hummer can be fitted with a chrome finish and look just as amazing as any other luxury vehicle.

Chrome s63 AMG
The Benefits of Chrome

Chrome cars not only look amazing on the road, surely standing out from the crowd, but they are also actually quite easy to keep up with. The metal finish is durable, so you will be able to enjoy your chrome car for many years, and it is also surprisingly easy to keep clean and dust-free.


If you can afford a chrome paint job, you can convert any ordinary car into a truly extraordinary vehicle that will be sure to turn heads wherever you go.

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