Cloud computing’s prowess has displayed the caliber to generate an infinite series of ripples that will not only transform businesses and industries, but our daily lives as well.

We are lucky enough to have been born in the age of the cloud, benefitting from its limitless services and advantages.

Here are the reasons why daily access of the cloud is not only a habit, but an addiction as well:

1. Development as a Nation:

  • Cloud enhances and speeds up the overall development of countries as they are relieved from the burden of hefty infrastructure and capital expenditures.
  • Tapping directly into data and applications from the cloud becomes a seamless process.
  • Additionally, it allows a nation to enjoy the merits of wireless technology.

2. The Wave of Social Media:

  • The social media wave has swept away millions of people on the planet and will continue to do so in the near future making it the new buzzword in technology.
  • The recent influx of user-friendly websites like Facebook & Twitter has completely revolutionized how people connect with each other on a secondly basis.
  • All these innovatory websites incorporate cloud in some way or the other to carry out their successful operation when it comes to data storage, security and value added services.

3. Education:

  • All those days of parent-teacher meetings & report card collections have now become obsolete. Education has adopted a virtual face.
  • With the advent of video and audio conferencing combined with the reliability, storage capacity and consistent nature of the cloud, virtual teaching has entered the fray.
  • Schools and colleges are turning to the cloud for enhanced student-teacher communication, reduction in carbon footprint and a centralized data location which can be accessed from anywhere.

4. Electronic Mail:

  • Even without knowing, cloud has been a part of our lives from long. The conventional sending-receiving of mails is successfully carried out through the cloud in terms of reliability and data storage.

5. The App Injection:

  • Many people today might not know what a cloud really is, but they very well know where to find it- Through the Google App on their mobile phones vis-à-vis we’ve become an application-savvy world. This has all been possible due to the influx of the mobile cloud application range and the value added services.

6. Gaming:

  • Cloud is the best ally for the gamer-in-you. High definition complex 3-D graphics and life-like simulations will be right at your disposal with the click of a button.
  • Moreover, cloud has maintained the same level of PC gaming possible on your mobile phones and tablets as well.

7. Health:

  • Cloud technology is beginning to integrate seamlessly in the healthcare industry because of various merits like managing patient data, sharing of critical information among doctors and medical professionals, online medical statuses and prescriptions, etc.
  • This has further enabled hospitals and clinics to reduce operational costs, giving way to a more efficient virtual system catering to the needs of both the doctors and the patients.

8. Additional Uses:

  • Bootstrapping becomes easier-Cloud has allowed individuals to extensively collaborate and start businesses of their own with fast deployment.
  • E-Shopping
  • Audio and video calling/conferencing-This has replaced the conventional communication methods thanks to the reliability and consistency of the cloud.


Given the humongous repertoire of the functionalities a cloud provides, it is no surprise that we all have welcomed the cloud into our homes, but unlike other guests, it is here to stay!


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