The Perfect Gaming Set Up

Hardcore gamers need more than just stock components. If you’re playing on an old tower with a few upgrades, you will find yourself in dire straits fast. Even playing the old FPS games on the UNREAL engine will seem to be difficult if you are lacking in any way. Whether it’s RAM, or it’s an older processor, you are going to have a hard time dealing with most games if you don’t have the perfect set up. If you want to raise up your game, and you want to be hardcore and possibly even get to the top levels of play, then you need to set things up in 4 major ways.

The Monitor (Visuals)

If you are running a laptop, make sure that you have 17” of viewability. Anything less than that, and things are going to be awful on your eyes. Spend the extra money on 17” of viewing power. If you can get one better, than go for it. If you are running a tower, then you need no less than 3 monitors. That’s right, 3 17” monitors and dual video cards with support from the RAM and the motherboard to handle each one. You can do this with one video card, but if you want to have the best frame rate, why go cheaper? This set up will give you an added advantage of peripheral vision and get you into a virtual world much better, faster and with excellent precision.

The Keyboard and Mouse

The mouse and the keyboard that you use matters greatly. Do not use stock and do not use the laptop’s keyboard for gaming. You need to look for wireless components and purchase them separately. Not only that, you want to get good at using them, so take trial runs, play against the computer, and try to type homework, articles, and other things so that you can run through any menu, typing and more with ease. The more familiar you get with your devices, the higher the chances are that you will mow down enemies with relative ease.

The Gaming Chair

This may sound odd, but you need to have a good gaming chair. A standard office chair, a folding option, or just about anything short of a higher end choice will not suffice. You need to ensure that your neck, back and arms have resting places and you are not leaning back too far away from any desk or table. The chair matters more than you may think, especially if you’re going to spend a great deal of time playing any given game, or showcasing talent within the realms of tournament.

Computer Components

Guts are more than just bravery within the video game world. You absolutely need to have RAM, Video Cards, Storage, and dual processors of high capacity. You don’t need to overclock everything, instead, add adequate cooling. Liquid cooling is nice, but a bigger fan and a good surge protector will work better. Make sure that you have the ultimate cooling solution, or you will see major slow down overall. Without good components of a high end on the inside of your laptop or tower, you’re going to lag and it is awful.

The above solutions work together to form a perfect gaming setup. The last thing you will want to pursue is a nice headset with microphone. Sound matters but not as much as some think. You don’t need high end audio for music, but you do need a good microphone and headphones that cancel out outside noise. Once you’re in the zone, you’re in the zone. This is not inexpensive. Don’t skimp out, you’ll regret it.


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