Does the World Need A Galaxy Mega Smarthphone?

According to Korea’s ET News, Samsung is in the process of developing a phone even larger than their wildly popular that boasts a 5.5 inch screen.

The new behemoth reportedly have a 6.3 inch screen. Other specs seem to be a bit on the fuzzy side, but from reports it doesn’t appear that it will have better specs the the 8 core processing prowess of the company’s new flagship .

As a guy that loves his perfectly sized 4 inch iPhone, I have to question if we’ve reached a level of absurdity. The wildly popular iPad mini only beats this supposed phone by 1.6 inches. Now remember that it’s a tablet. Just think if you saw someone holding that up to their ear walking down the street making dinner reservations. Funny?, sure – crazy? Debatable but likely. We have our bluetooth headsets to alleviate that mobile tech faux pas, but what pair of jeans, or what size trench coat is one going to have to purchase, just to keep the Galaxy Mega pocketable.

I just don’t see the market for this, and I see Samsung as just trying wild and expensive experiments, all for the sake of “bigger is better.”

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