Google Contact lens is a smart contact lens. It’s one the major projects of Google, and it was announced on 16 January this year (2014). The basic aim of this project is to help people having Diabetes. By the help of it, one can measure the glucose level in the tears of a diabetic patient. Google X had carried out this project, and it is still in testing phase. Let’s discuss some of the common features of Google Smart Contact Lens.



This smart lens consists of a wireless chip and a well-established Glucose Sensor. There is a tiny pin hole in the lens that allows a tear fluid to peep in to the sensor and measure the sugar level. There are two sensors that are embedding between the two soft layers of lens type. The device is designed in such a ways that there is no side effect, and it doesn’t cause any harm to the eye. There is also a wireless antenna, which lies inside the contact. This antenna acts as a controller to communicate the information to the wireless device.


Now, we will discuss some of the common features of Google Glass.


Google Glass:

Google Glass is a wearable computer. It has an optical head mounted display (OHMD). As from the name suggest, it is also developed by Google. The basic aim of producing this is to make a mass-market of ubiquitous computers. It displays the information in the smartphone like format.


The wearers can communicate with the Internet through natural language voice commands. There is a slight limitation it when you want to move the Google Glass from one frame to another; you need to remove a small screw over it. Like Google Smart Content lens, Google Glass was also developed by Google X.



When we talk about design of Google Glass, it is much smaller and slimmer in size. Its prototype somehow resembles the normal sunglasses. It weighs only eight pounds (3,600 g) that is lighter in weight as compared with normal spectacles. Its testing was started in April 2012. There is a feature of the touchpad in it that lies on the side of the Google Glass.