Happy Valentine’s Day

Thursday February 14 2013

Valentine’s day also know as Saint Valentine’s day or the Feast of St Valentines is a day of showing your love and romance it is celebrated in many different ways worldwide.


A little history on Valentines Day, a day of romance and love it all began when  at late 5th century Pope Gelasius declared February 14 the day of love than Valentines day was born. Not much later the day became associated with love and romance.

In the middle Ages it was believed in England and France it was the day of the beginning of the birds matting season, which than the idea of valentine’s day should be the day of romance.




Google has come up with this cool doodle this year for valentines 2013,




Happy Valentine’s Day And Celebrating George Ferris’s Birthday


220px-GWFerrisCelebrating George Ferris’s Birthday

The person who invented the Ferris wheel, George Ferris was born on February 14, 1859 in Illinois USA










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