Stealing Your Password

This new software will make it difficult for people to see what your password, from close by thieves.

Multiple Dummy curses by mixing with the real one, which only you will know the real curses so you can click the numbers or letters without someone taking a screenshot from a distance or someone spying over your shoulder.




Also this software is effective against keyloggers which will make this software great for online banking or signing somewhere important where no one needs to know.

How many times have you witnessed people’s password at work at school or your friends passwords because you can see it easily what they press.




But this new software will change many things as this will be the future way of doing online banking or logging to your personal email .

Mainly I can see this software being used at a work place, where passwords are important to keep away from people that are always close by.

Hard Time Stealing Your Password Over Your Shoulder (video)