Most Impenetrable Buildings On The Planet

With breaches of security splashed across the media in recent years, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that your building is as secure as it can possibly be. Security measures can be as simple as having ID cards, or as extensive as having armed guards control the perimeter. So what makes a building secure? Here are five of the most impenetrable buildings on the planet and some of the measures that are in place to ensure maximum security.


ADX Florence




Called a ‘supermax’ prison, ADX Florence in Colorado is under a continual state of lock-down and is completely impenetrable. All prisoners are in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, the doors are remote-controlled, motion detectors are in place and razor wire surrounds the building.


Fort Knox



It’s almost a cliché to cite Fort Knox as being something impenetrable, but it hasn’t become cliché without reason. The building is constructed from solid granite with a 22 tonne door in order to protect the vault inside for the US government. Along with the standard alarms and CCTV, Fort Knox is surrounded by armed guards and soldiers as well as a helicopter gunship ready to prevent any attempt to get inside – although if you ask me, any attempt would be pointless!


Buckingham Palace


What struck me most about the security measures in place for the protection of the Royal Family was that even members of the Royal family themselves have to produce photographic ID just to get inside. Imagine having to prove your identity to get into your own home! But such measures along with the Queen’s Guard and gates all the way around the Palace are necessary to protect the Royal Family.


Downing Street


Having been to London, it’s easy to see why few people manage to get inside. Security checkpoints, gates controlled by armed police and a police officer outside 10 Downing Street twenty four hours a day mean that even getting a good view of the famous politic base of the UK is difficult.




The White House



Perhaps the most impenetrable building on the planet is the White House, home to President Obama. After previous assassinations concerning US presidents, Obama is one of the most protected men on the planet. Some of the measures in place include bullet-proof glass, barriers all the way around the complex, sensors, Secret Service officers patrolling the perimeters with sniffer dogs, even restricted access to the airspace above the White House. Security measures are constantly reviewed, with terrorists threats forever on the horizon for the most powerful man on the planet.


What is most effective in making buildings impenetrable is the sheer quantity of security measures in place, particularly in the United States. But at the simplest level, security begins with a good identification system to regulate all people using a certain building. With a magicard printer creating high quality ID cards and badges, you’re on the way to creating an impenetrable building. Do you know of any more impenetrable buildings? Then post them below.


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