Haunted House Awards


When October rolls around, there never seems to be a shortage of haunted houses in the Denver area. With there being such an abundance of haunted houses available for thrill seekers to choose from, it can be hard to find the best haunted house that will truly scare you. Luckily, over the last few years awards and rankings have been given to the best haunted houses in Denver, which can make choosing a haunted house to visit easier. Hopefully this list of the top rated haunted houses in the Denver area will help you to find your ideal haunted house before Halloween.

The 13th Floor Haunted House
This haunted house is based around the legend of the 13th floor of buildings being haunted and even cursed. This legend is often taken so seriously that many buildings are built without a 13th floor. After visiting this terror inducing haunted house you will see why this legend exists. This haunted house is one of the more popular ones in Denver, so you need to be prepared to wait around an hour to get in. Once you are in though you will see that this haunted house was worth the wait. Contrary to popular belief though, this haunted house is not located on the 13th floor of a building.

This is a popular haunted house that has gained nationwide notoriety for being one of the most terrifying haunted houses you can visit. This haunted house has even been featured on television specials on haunted houses. The Asylum is a 15,000 square foot haunted house that is modeled after a hospital for the mentally insane. This is definitely a haunted house that will earn you bragging rights among your friends if you make it through in one piece.

City of the Dead
This is perhaps one of the most notorious haunted houses in the Denver area, and was rated the best haunted house in Denver one year. This haunted house takes place in a maze of the dead winding its way through fields of oozing zombies. Not only is this one of the most terrifying haunted houses in Denver but it is also one of the largest and cheapest. You will definitely not regret visiting this haunted house; even if you do regret visiting this haunted house, they sell beer afterwards to help you forget your terror.

Field of Screams:
This is definitely not related to the field of dreams in any way. This is a fantastic location that consists of two outdoor haunted houses; they just happen to be two of the scariest haunted houses that you will find. If you are brave you can purchase a double pass to enter both the field and the maze. However, the most likely outcome is that you will be lucky to make it out of one without running away.

The 13th Door
The best haunted house has been saved for last. The 13th door is without a doubt the most infamous and most terrifying haunted house in the Denver area. This haunted house has won many awards including the Golden Skull Award for being the best haunted house in Denver in 2008 and it was also chosen as the “Best Haunted House in Denver” by America’s Best Haunted Houses. This haunted house truly lives up to its name as it is a fantastic house of horror. The great thing about this location is that for the price that it would cost you for one entrance to some of the other haunted houses in the Denver area you can get entrance into The 13th Door as well as The Curse of Slaughterhouse Gulch Haunted House and The Black Hole Haunted House. For one low price you can get into three of the best haunted houses available.

Halloween is one of the best times to live in and even visit the Denver area. Not only is Denver a fantastic town, but Denver has some of the most fantastically terrifying haunted houses in the entire country. This next Halloween, make it a goal to try all of these haunted houses as they each provide a unique experience. However if you have to choose one, choose the 13th Door Haunted houses as they are the best experience for your money.

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