How Has Fire Fighting Equipment Improved?


Since fire fighters first came about, many improvements have been made to the way they have to work and the equipment they use. It is not expected for a fire fighter to into a building without the sufficient equipment, if he does then he may find himself in great danger.

For firemen to put out fires more efficiently and safely, equipment has been improved. This is not only to put a fire out quicker, but also to improve the safety and reduce the risk of any harm coming to any of the fire fighters.

Fire Engines

Fire engines have become a lot more high-tech to be able to get to fires quickly and put them out even quicker. Without the fire engines, fire fighters would struggle to get to fires and to put them out so it is essential they continue to improve them.

There are three main fire engines that are used on a regular basis; these are known as fire engines, rescue trucks and ladder trucks. Each one of the vehicles will differ in what it specialises in, so it will depend on the emergency to what vehicle gets sent.

In the past there would have been just one type of fire engine, this would mean fire fighters would be limited to what they could do in the event of a fire.

Protective Clothing

To ensure that fire fighters are safe, their protective clothing is constantly being improved. The clothes that they wear has to be fire resistant, this will make sure that their bodies are protected from catching fire. They also have to wear a gas mask and will have access to oxygen.

Fire Equipment

Fire fighters will have access to a variety of different equipment; this will allow them to access buildings easier through the equipment they carry. On most fire trucks, there will be axes and fire extinguishers, meaning that they can enter a blocked building and clear entrances using the fire extinguishers. To make the entrance to the building even easier, fire fighters will also have access to fire bridge keys, this will allow them to get into a building easier and quicker. You can look at the variety of fire brigade keys available to get a better idea how they work.


To ensure that fire fighters stay safe improvements are always being made to the equipment that is carried around. The equipment which they use and have makes their job much easier, allowing them to save more people.

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