Although we’d likely end up with a car sized iPhone 6 requiring a backpack for the battery alone, it’s estimated that a 32GB iPhone would have cost you about 3million dollars to own.

Although the math isn’t an exact science, it’s based off rough estimates, half of the total value from the Flash Memory/Storage alone.  1GB of flash was approximately 45000$, or 1.4 million for 32GB.

Although CPUs at the time, were exponentially inferior (think between 16MHz and 66Mhz with 33Mhz as the “average”), if we estimate the cost per MIPS (million instructions per second), we’d be looking at roughly 600 000$ for the apple A7 Processor (CPU/GPU in one) alone.

Now add the compact camera (photo/video), WIFI, 3G/4G, etc. and you’re looking at a 1991 version of the iPhone 6, with a 3 million dollar price tag.  Now all of this is hypothetical, as most of the technology would have been non existent at the time, but we can dream.

Imagine what this article would look like in 2o years…