Mink 3d Makeup Printer

Mink is a make up kit which you can make at home, rather than spending your hard earned dollars in beauty stores that sell overpriced makeup.

What Mink does:

It is going to be able to 3D print any makeup of your choice such as blush, lipsticks etc. which will be fun and exiting to do right from the comfort of your home without going to a beauty store and touching all the dirty makeup which thousand’s of people have done before you.

Not is this only great for sanitary reasons but just for the fun of it 3D Printing Makeup at home being able to say I made that and now I am using it, the feeling of accomplishing something makes everyone happy.

Mink will retail for about $300 which will eventually pay for it self.

What eventually will happen I think is that big makeup industry retailers are going to come up with their own 3D Makeup printing device from home, which then they will charge a price to get the specific colors through their website to get that special color that they will massively advertise.

Will you be purchasing Mink as soon as it comes out?


source: gracemink

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