Looking for a unique 4K Dash Cam the IROAD X10 is able to offer some amazing features which no other dash cam can.

The IROAD X10 4K comes with a 4K front camera, and a 1080p rear camera, the front camera is amazingly able to capture 165 degree wide viewing angle which is very impressive, while the rear camera is able to capture 140 degree almost making this a full 360 degree camera.


IROAD X10 4K UHD 2-CH Car Dash Cam 🛒:
(USD) https://www.blackboxmycar.com/collections/iroad/products/iroad-x10-4k-uhd-2-ch-dash-cam?ref:MTU5NTcwLjI2NTguMTYwMDA5LlQ

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The IROAD X10 4K dash cam is also able to offer the IROAD OBD which no other dashcam does at the moment you are able to view so much more information about your car, and as you saw on the video it is able to give you so much more insight while you are driving as well. If you are looking for the best dash cams 2020 for when it comes to heat this is a big winner on that space, because it is able to surpass where most cameras fail in the heat.


Video link: https://youtu.be/yljrm0JBR6M